Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Genine's Amazing Transformation

It has been awhile since I've made a blog post. Work has been picking up and with the holidays I haven't had a moments spare time. This post is long over due. It's about Genine probably my best client and more so a really good friend.

About Genine:

Genine went to a personal trainer after having her first child to lose the baby weight she had gained. This proved unsuccessful she didn't lose the weight and ended up getting a knee injury. For the next 6 monthes she was doing physical therapy to repair her knee as a result.

This knee injury happened because the personal trainer didn't listen to his client. When Genine said her knee joint was hurting her he proceed to tell her to keep going it was supposed to hurt. This is a very big pet peeve I have against personal trainers that are supposed to be professionals. Take this as a warning if your trainer doesn't listen to you, for your own safety go to a different personal trainer.

Now back to the awesomeness that is Genine. Since the last time she tried a personal trainer she has had 2 more beautiful children. So she has come to me with having had 3 children now seeking to lose the weight she put on. So we made a program and I remained mindful of her pass injuries. I urged her as I do with all my clients to let me know what they are feeling especially any aches or pains. I can always change and tweak a program if I know what they are feeling  but I can not read minds.

Onto Genine's Results

She started out at 160.2lbs and has dropped down to 127.2 that is a 33lb drop. Not only did she lose the baby weight she had put on but some extra lbs have come off as well. She hasn't been this light and as in shape since the middle of high school to quote Genine.

Genines waist has dropped down 6 whole inches

She can now run a mile 3 and 1/2 minutes faster then when she first came to me. She now clocks a mile at exactly 10 minutes.

Her flexibility and strength have also both dramatically increased.

Time to show the proof.

This is Genine before and after 28lbs since then she has lost 5 more lbs


We worked as a team, she constantly informed me how her diet was and her body was feeling. So I was able to make the proper changes. She never made any excuses at all she and never slacked off. She pushed as hard as she could. Genine already had the determination, she just needed a proper guide to show her the way.

There is no excuse anybody should have for having bad health. Genine is a prime inspirational example of this. She has three kids, has been seriously injured and among other problems that I will keep disclosed she has succeed without making excuses. Now she has her health back not only for herself but for her family.

Anytime you make an excuse of why you can't do something think of Genine.

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