Monday, June 25, 2012

Matt's First Transformation Challenge

About Matt and the Reason For the Challenge

I'm the host of this blog and the personal trainer trainer that has transformed all the clients in this blog. Most of probably already know that before I found exercise I was extremely underweight. Well a few times people have said well you don't know what it's like to be overweight and try to lose it. They were right I have never been in that position other then to help others lose weight. I found a transformation challenge competition for 100k. Not really having much to transform, I decided to make myself over weight and lose the weight.

The Competion

I enter my first ever transformation competition it was 83 days to transform yourself and based off judges decisions who wins. I worked hard to put on that weight now I only had 83 days to take off what took me twice that amount of time to put on. Sign up I was ready and confident who better then somebody that is a master at transforming people to get the results they seek to do it them self. I will say mistake were made and I can definitely do better next time but it was a great learning experience. Out of 6,878 contestants I came in 14th place I didn't win the big prize but it was a great experience.

The Results

I started at 201.3 Lbs and a 37 Inch waist 83 Days later I was 168.8 lbs and had a 29.5 inch waist. My bodyfat went form 19.68% down to 6.12%.   I dropped 32.5 lbs, 7.5 inches in my waist and lost 13.56% bodyfat

The Pictures

The Conclusion:

People said I don't know what it's like to have to lose weight. So I made myself overweight because they were right I didn't know first hand. Now I know and can say it's can be done on both sides of the spectrum you can achieve the body and health that you want there are no excuses. You just have to believe in yourself and commit to the steps of making your goals happen. Best of luck to everybody.

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