Monday, June 27, 2011

Bodyflip Camp Recent Accomplishments 6/27/2011

This has been long over due but here it goes. Once again it's time to show off our recent success. Everybody has unique goals these are just some milestones we have achieved to making those goals happen. A recent accomplishment post goes up once each individual at the Bodyflip Camp succeeds at a personal milestone. So congratulations everybody on our recent accomplishments, good job and keep up the good work. We can make anything happen when we put our mind to it, believe it and then you achieve it.

First off a very special congratulation goes out to Penny my mama on accomplishing her main goal of dropping 14lbs. Well we out did ourselves you lost 16lbs


For the rest of us we are make steps towards our goals each and every day here are some of the steps we have overcome.

- lost 11 inches total to her overall body
- lost 10.21% Bodyfat
- dropped 2 inches in her waist
- lost another 2.8lbs

- 200lbs DB Calf Extension
- 200lb Supinated grip Yates Row
- 150lb Close-grip Pulldown
- 150lb Pulldown
- 50lbs Standing Leg Raise
- 50lbs Cable Fly
- 50lb Incline Fly


- added 1 inch to chest
- added 1 inch to legs
- added .5 inch to calves
- added .25 inch to arms
- gained 4lbs
- 300lb Supinated Grip Yates Row
- 200lbs DB Calf Extension
- 200lbs T Bar Row
- 100lb Standing Miltary Press
- 100lb DB Row
- 150lb Pulldown
- 50lb Hammer Curls

There is nothing we can't achieve together so lets make these dreams of being a better us a reality

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finally added pics

I finally added pics to the web-site and yes I will continue to add pics for now on.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Training facility update

1) Harsh economic times are upon us but that is no reason to have bad health. Now you don't have to, I'm currently doing mini sessions to train people to be in shape and health. These are  intense training sessions 30 mins long. Half the time and half the price it's my way of making personal training more affordable for everyone.

2) Now I offer one free trial 30 minute training session. I didn't like the idea of doing this before as I know how good I am and what I can do for people. I however have come to the conclusion that others need to have some way of knowing how good I am. So come on down try a free training session and see if you like it.

3) I realized I've neglected putting up pictures of all the fun we have at my facility. Sadly I never really took any. From time to time, now on we'll be having what I call paparazzi moments. It'll show the fun we have while exercises so stay tuned for that and have a laugh or two.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vegan's have it Wrong

There is a constant debate among vegans and the rest of the world that eats meat, on which diet is truly better. Well I'm going to shed a science type view on this subject using layman terms so everybody can understand. I'm going to share my view about the vegan diet.

Read about it in this feathered Squidoo Article:

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