Friday, May 27, 2011

My Summer Time Hobby

Not really fitness related it was a fun little article I was asked by Yahoo to write so just figured I would share it.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blog Revamp Again

The first time I did a revamp it consisted of changing the layout of the site. This made it much more appealing and professional looking. This times revamp is a little different it should be a win win for everybody however.

I know more about health and fitness then the majority of Americans this goes without saying. I also enjoy babbling my head off about the topic because it's become a passion. Well it has come to my attention my  babbling can yield income. It's not a lot by any means but it's something, plus it is great exposure for of my knowledge. Which very well could lead to bigger things down the road.

Get to the changes Foo! Alright don't beat me Mr.T


1) All fitness related articles will now be published under an affiliate that has paid for my article. I will post a link up to the web-site I've had my article published on so you guys can read it.

2) Sadly this means the site will be under construction for a short while. I'll try to fix this as soon as possible. I'm going to be in the process of trying to get my old content published.

3) This does hold some benefits I get to make the blog more focused on myself and my clients now rather then combining fitness babble and my clients Which was rather messy I must say.

I've been toying with Twitter and Facebook fan page for awhile unsure how to use them really.

- Well I figured out Twitter it will now be more interpersonal now, I feel I was sounding like a robot only posting when I had a blog update. It will now have short snippets of daily life from time to time and i'll communicate with people more so on that.

- I decided to take down the facebook fan page I still don't have much of a clue how I want to use it. I typically talk to all my friends on my main Facebook page so the fan page seems rather pointless. Perhaps once I stop being camera shy i'll at least use it to post pics up. Until then the Facebook fan page non existent. Beside everybody that wants to be my friend or talk to can on my regular facebook page. Until I figure a better use for it.

If anybody has any suggestions on how to make the Facebook fan page useful or any suggestions in general on how to improve things please let me know i'm always interested in improving, as well as learning. Most of what I've accomplished so far has been because of a combination of my hard work and listening to advice from people. The people whom have giving me advice, thank you it's really helped out greatly.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time to Pull Your Own Weight I

He can bench 785lbs wonder if he can do a pull up?
Alright tough guy you can bench 500lbs you are so amazingly strong. Now let me ask you can you do a pull up? You mean to tell me you can lift all those heavy weights but can't do a basic pull up something that could be used to save your life if ever you are hanging off a ledge.You aren't alone guys and girls alike struggle with the basic pull up.

Females struggle with pull up because the upper body muscles aren't as naturally developed without training as a male. Females tend to be more lower body dominant and guys tend to be more upper body dominant with no training. This doesn't mean females can't develop the strength to do them. They most certainly can, in fact many girls can do just as many pull ups as guys once properly trained.

Guys are naturally able to do pull ups as long as they are ultra thin. Big guys with muscles that are really strong struggle badly with them. When I was bone thin I could do 1 handed pulls no problem then, I got stronger and grew a few muscles. Now I'm lucky if I can do two pull ups. I wanted to figure out why as this annoyed me. the answer was rather plain to see and in front of my face the whole time.

Geek time we need to understand back anatomy:

I'll keep it in layman terms.When we are in the state of a a dead hang on a bar a bone in our backs called the scapula is stretched out. (Diagram below). Now typically when we think of pull ups we are thinking of working the big muscles in the back the latissimus doris. For this however I don't want you focusing on that muscle. I want you to focus on the Teres Major (Other diagram below it's the muscle highlighted in red)

Teres Major

The teres major is mainly used to pull our arms down, it's the first back muscle to fire when we do a pull up from a dead hang. It is the main culprit usually on why we struggle with doing pull ups. This muscle tends to be very underdeveloped as it really isn't used for much other then pulling down stuff from over head a movement we rarely do.

His arms aren't fully locked out at the top of the movement
You might be thinking to yourself of another exercise that surely activates the teres major that you've seen big guy lifting heavy weights can do yet can't do a pull up, that exercise is the cable pulldown. I would agree this exercise can work the teres major however most bodybuilders or people working out back will not let themselves fully lock out with this exercise because this will engaged there biceps in the movement. Our back fires like this during that movement teres major > biceps > latissimus (The main muscle we are trying to target when we work out back). Since this yields the best results for back development often many people bring the movement short to not fire the bicep and keep the back muscles fired the whole time. Leading to an under developed teres major in the process.

The good news is this can be all fixed. We can strengthen that lagging teres major muscle no problem. The bad news is you'll have to wait till I post my teres major development routine that I developed for next times post.

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