Thursday, March 31, 2011

Illegal Performance Substances

I was over at the MotionData blog and I came across something that I found interesting. It was a chart showing Barry Bonds stats. Barry Bonds broke the the home run record for those not into sports. Home runs aren't  the part that interested me what I found interesting was just how dramatically his game improved during the time periods he was caught using steroids.

Being a personal trainer, fan of weightlifting, fan of bodybuilding. I've been offer more then once steroids.  I've always kindly said no. It just isn't my thing. Typically i'm not the type of person that judges others for what they do to there bodies smoke, drink, drive without a seatbelt, and etc. After all it is your body it's not my concern.

Are steroids good or bad I don't know I don't care. Are steroids illegal yes so what I still could careless. Are steroids banned substance from major league sports and many other events yes. This is when I care because they destroy the game as you'll see by the dramatic increase in Barry Bonds performance. They send a bad message to kids. Essentially it tells kids if you want to get ahead in life cheat.

I feel anybody caught using any substance banned from an event, has cheated so they should be stripped of there titles and records because they didn't earn it. Now if steroids were legal and not banned I wouldn't care. In natural bodybuilding if you are caught using any substance that is banned you are stripped of your title and records. It is also the same in the Olympics. So why isn't it in major league sports?

You be the judge of how much of an impact steroids improved Barry Bonds game.

MotionData: Barry Bonds Career Review Interactive Chart

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunday March 20th "The Transformation Challenge Begins"

March 20th begins the start of a 12 week transformation challenge in which my beautiful girlfriend will be embarking on.

Her goal is to lost 15lbs in time for her graduation which would 7 weeks into the diet. Realistically I don't know if she can do that, but I have the utter most confidence she'll get 10lbs down by then. Then again if anybody could prove me wrong it would be her. I have never met a person that is more focused and driven when she puts her mind to it in my life. She truly can accomplish anything it's amazing to see her in a focused state (now we just need to ensure the wheels stay on the train). By the end of this diet she'll have lost at least 20lbs if not more.

This is her own journey I will not be releasing personal information on her progress. I am merely posting this to cheer her on and give her support form the side lines.

Now before you ask me to magically give you a 12 week transformation challenge with no training experience. I'll tell you right now you can't do it so don't ask. She is a rare person that can actually accomplish this. I wouldn't waste my time trying this with somebody I didn't think could do it, all I would be doing is taking money on a lost cause, I'm not that type of person, so don't ask about.

The reason why she can do is. She understands basic exercises because I taught her it, She knows when something isn't right and to question it rather then causing herself possible injury. She also knows she has to push herself hard and can't back down where most people would worry about whatever excuse they can make up to stop the grueling workout. We have also went over exactly what she'll need to do diet wise to accomplish this together. On top of that she is very determined to do this for herself which I can't stress enough so I put in bold. On top of all this she has extraordinary willpower. She also always has me in her corner for support and motivation. Unless you have all the listed requirements this isn't for you to try at this moment in your life. Best suggestion I can give you is build up the requirements if you really wanted to do this you would do that first.

It's not all sunshine for her however this will be hard very hard. I even tried scaring her by telling her constantly how hard it would be just to see if she would give up, well she isn't afraid. She has that determination that can't be defeated which is exactly the mindset you need for this. The bad news I can't be there everyday to train her only once a week she lives in the far off land of the Jersey so that presents a challenge in itself. She also has a very erratic work schedule so she might not be able to exercise some days which is all the more reason her nutrition will have to be pinpoint accurate for this to work.

All I can do is wish you the best of luck and I love you. Now kick ass girl, I'll be there Sunday the challenge begins (This is the part you yell out your battle cry) Jen-Ra!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fitness and Willpower

This is what I truly believe is the strongest tool to getting fit. It's not a magic pill, a certain exercise or a miracle diet. It's something that is within all of us that we often over look or allow others to take away from us. Even when somebody takes it way it's never really gone we just need to summon it back. I'm talking about our Willpower!

Article has been recently been published by Yahoo: Fitness and Willpower on Yahoo.

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