Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Genetics Pt 3 The Trainer you Choose

The last thing i'm going to talk about is how genetics can play a role on the personal trainer you choose. Far too often we look at a person and based our choice on how a person looks or what gender they are rather then what they have accomplished. If a guy is huge we assume he must know everything about exercise and far to often girls don't get respect as trainers regardless of how they look from guys and girls alike.

How a person looks is probably the one of the least important credentials one should look at when shopping for a personal trainer. As my early post showed you some people are blessed with amazing genetics. Bigman would look like the guy that would fit the stereotype of an amazing looking personal trainer. However the knowledge isn't there so you would have been fooled. Secondly some people that lift weights to get big do illegal substances (Steroids and Human Growth Hormones) you can't tell who uses them and who doesn't. This isn't to say that people that do choose to use illegal substances don't have the knowledge but it's also not to say that how they look means they do either. Lastly females just because they can't get huge doesn't mean they don't have knowledge. Genetically females can't get big if they tried without the assistance steroids. They simply do not produce enough testosterone like men for them to grow in that way. So ladies don't be scared of weights you won't get big you'll only look more toned which guys find hot.

If those are the genetic do not's of picking a personal trainer what are the genetics do's for picking a personal trainer? There are a few things. Second most important thing when it comes to picking a trainer would be if they have transformed themselves in a big way from what they used to look like. You can pretty much guarantee they understand health fairly well and are not only a preacher but a follower of a healthy lifestyle.
Saving the best for last. The utterly most important vital thing when picking a personal trainer would be if they have dramatically transformed clients. Not only does this show they understand themselves well but they know how to change things up per client. Everybody is slightly different and everybody has different goals. A photo that is not a set up (I'll explain in a moment) before and after picture of a former client tells a thousand words.

When I say not set up I mean it's not set in ideal lighting of a client with there shirt off. A typical out of shape person would be rather reluctant to pose in a bikini for the before picture. A picture that is just of a client out with friends before the transformation and after the transformation would be ideal. If the picture isn't set up neatly it is pretty safe to say that it wasn't doctored with Photoshop.

Some examples before closing this post

An example of a legit photo that isn't set up

Here is an example of a set up fake photo

Lastly the perfect example of a trainer everybody knows but doesn't look the part. Bob Harper of the biggest loser just looks like your average skinny guy but has gotten the result people want.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Genetics Pt.2 The Genetics That you Are Blessed With

In my previous posted it was pretty much all about my friend who we are referring to as Bigman. Well you see Bigman is a person I see with amazing genetics and I'll admit I slightly envied at one time but not anymore. The point I'm trying to make is that everybody is to busy looking at somebody with great genetics wishing they had them. Yet we don't stop to appreciate the great genetics we are blessed with.

To often we defeat ourselves without even trying, we play the crying game of I have bad genetics. Well pardon the profanity i'm about to say but Bullshit! Sure it's true somebody might have something over you they didn't work for. For example maybe you want to be skinny and you have a friend that eats nothing but junk food all day whom doesn't seem to gain an ounce. Perhaps you love basketball and you know somebody that seems to be able to leap to insane heights that you wish you could.

I can't tell you what good genetics you have over the person whom you envy for their genetics. I guarantee if you take sometime to compare yourselves you'll see things you are glad you have that the person you envy doesn't have.

Just to prove my point I love exercising and building muscle we won't go into details why in this posting. I also one day want to compete in a natural amateur bodybuilding competition in hopes of trying to win. I'm not at that point yet but it is a personal accomplishment I want to achieve in my life. Bigman has these superior genetics from how I made him sound, how can I possibility compete with him. Not only can I compete with him I can beat him in many regards. At first glance Bigman is huge compared to me no doubt about that. We tend to see peoples upper bodies as Bigman never ever wears shorts. Like most guys he struggles with building up his legs. Ready for the twist now I have amazing genetics when it comes to building muscle in my legs. In fact I hardly work them out because I've been trying to have my upper body catch up. When I do work them out they grow very quickly. It's hard to find clothes for a guy with a built set of wheels let me tell you. I tend to get pants 2-4 inches bigger then my waist so my legs can fit which isn't fun. So I beat him in the less praised lower half of the body. Bigman is very big boned i'm very small boned so what you are saying? Earlier I said I wanted to do a natural bodybuilding competition. Natural competitions are broken down into weight classes somebody that is small boned with a lot of muscle at 4% bodyfat will look way more impressive then somebody who is big boned at 4% bodyfat. Lastly Bigman has a wide waist and my waist like my bone structure if very small.  I think if I got down to 4% bodyfat (competition shape) I would have a waist of around 27 inches perhaps even smaller.

In the end the person I used to envy I don't at all anymore. I'm glad with the genetics god has given me and you should be as well. For all our weak areas we want to improve you have infinitely strong areas you don't need to improve. So build up those weak areas with hard work and you will be balanced.

Pt 3 coming soon.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Genetics Pt.1 Bigman the Genetic Freak In a Good Way

The idea came to me during the Super bowl party to write about this but alas I haven't had much free time. For this post my friend whom I've known for many years we'll call him Bigman.  Well Bigman at first glance is what you would call a true genetic freak in a positive sense. He's just this massively muscular person. In fact I don't really know anybody that doesn't workout regularly that is bigger or stronger then him and 90% of the people I know that do workout constantly drug free are still smaller plus weaker then him.

If you caught that last sentence I mention people that don't workout regularly well that is because Bigman doesn't regularly workout. In fact he goes months at a time without working out a day. His lifestyle also isn't what you would say is on par with a health buff by any means. The man parties a lot and drinks a lot more. He once made a joke "You want to get big like me drink Hennessey."

All that said he is one extremely cool guy. When I first started getting into exercise I would always go to him with all types of questions. I just figured it made logical sense you want to get big ask the biggest guy you know. He does know a decent amount about exercise and nutrition but if I didn't stop listening to him and listen to myself along with proper research I wouldn't have grew much.

What he can teach everybody is that the human mind is only limited to what you allow yourself to set you're limit to. He has such a way of believing he can lift absolutely anything that amazingly he does. I've never seen him not lift something when he attempts it. His mind always allows him to lift the object but sadly his body doesn't. He will get whatever it is he wanted to lift up but will get badly injured afterwards at times. I don't advise people lifting extremely heavy objects without sound reason and safety, you are setting yourself up for injury.  He said if you want to get big then you have to believe you can lift anything and lift everything no matter if it breaks you. Well I agree with the first part of his statement believing is achieving essentially. That goes with anything in life.

Tune in for pt 2 coming soon.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello Internet World

I guess this is hello from a first time blogger. I figured it would be fun to document my ups and downs as I embark on a new journey in my life. I'm fortunate enough to have found a job I truly love and that is being a personal trainer for people.  I'm just starting to embark on this journey, obviously I hope everything is all sunshine and roses.  I am however a realist so I am well aware the road ahead will be filled with bumps along the way. In the end I hope the majority of times are fun and I help many people along the way.

Let the Journey Begin!


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